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MySQL Connector/ODBC (also known as MyODBC) allows you to connect to a MySQL database... Details

ODBC DAC (ODBC Data Access Components) is a component set for Delphi/C Builder to... Details

DTM ODBC Manager is a simple and easy-to-use ODBC Data Sources manager. The program... Details

Query Tool (using ODBC) is a Universal Data Access (UDA) tool. Details

ODBC Explorer is an easy-to-use database tool for Win32. It offers many powerful... Details

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1. MySQL ODBC Driver 3.5 ... connect to a MySQL database server using the ODBC database API on all Microsoft ... is compliant with the ODBC 2.50 specification, Level ... is compliant with the ODBC 3.51 specification, Level ... DetailsDownload 

2. ODBC DAC for CBuilder6 2.0 ODBC DAC (ODBC Data Access Components) is ... Builder to access any database via ODBC interface directly, skipping the ... you to use all ODBC specific features, eliminating the ... DetailsDownload 

3. DTM ODBC Manager 1.04.00 DTM ODBC Manager is a free ... and easy-to-use ODBC Data Sources manager. The ... local or remote system. ODBC Manager is an indispensable ... addition to the system ODBC Administrator. The program allows ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: odbc , data source , dsn , export , import

4. Query Tool (using ODBC) 7.0 x64 Edition Query Tool (using ODBC) is a Universal Data ... It lets you query ODBC data sources, author SQL ... free-form text, retrieve ODBC driver information, and more ... to Query Tool (using ODBC) 6.1 x86 Edition ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: 64 bit query tool , 64 bit sql query tool , sql development tool , database query tool , database development tool , x64 query tool , odbc query tool , ado query tool , qtodbc , qtado

5. ODBC Explorer 1.2 ODBC Explorer is an easy-to-use database tool for Win32. It ... many powerful features for database administrators and programmers. This tool is based on ODBC DAC and works with ODBC drivers directly without any intermediate layers. Using ODBC... DetailsDownload 

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1. SSuite Office - MonoBase Features Available: - Create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields, and rows - Access any ODBC compatible database of any size, from ... reports for all your databases - Full help file to ... you in creating custom database reports -... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: database , create , odbc , administration , relational , flat , file

2. SSuite Office MonoBase 2.2.2 Create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields ... report builder. Interface with ODBC compatible databases and create custom reports ... Features Available: - Create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields, and rows - Access... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

3. Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracl 1.5 Smart Database Viewer has features which ... become mobile with your database. On your Microsoft windows ... Excel, MySQL and Any ODBC Compliant Database. You can view the database records in grid of ... Excel, MySQL and Any ODBC Compliant... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: oracle foxpro dbase , odbc compliant database , ms excel mysql , ms access oracle , foxpro dbase ms , dbase ms excel , access oracle foxpro , smart phone , oracle foxpro , odbc compliant , ms excel

4. Data Monkey G.D.H. 2.0.0 ... is an ETL and Database Administration application that works with ODBC compliant data sources. With ... manipulate data between ANY odbc compliant data source. With ... a great tool for database administration, but with Data ... set... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: data , monkey , generic , hub , etl , eai , database , administration , odbc , Oledb , sql , mysql , oracle , db2 , access

5. Odbc 4 All 2.1 -1- 1.0 ODBC 4 ALL is a ... SQL queries using any ODBC data source, (Access, Informix ... can interactively choose the ODBC Data Source and Table ... to send to the database server. If the command ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: odbc , dos , database , dsn , dbf , Db3 , Clipper , access , excel , informix , oracle

Odbc Database in Software Short Description

1. ReportXpert - Pro 5.1 ... that can access any ODBC database such as Oracle, SQL ... DetailsDownload 

2. JDBTools 1.0.1 ... Excel, and any JDBC/ODBC database) for use in a ... DetailsDownload 

3. QueryIT 1.170 ODBC - Database Query Tool SQL,DB2 ... DetailsDownload 

4. QT4 Sqlite Code Generator 1.0 ... existing sqlite datafile or ODBC database, generate QT objects for ... DetailsDownload 

5. db2dir 1.0 Use an ODBC database to generate and manage ... DetailsDownload 

Odbc Database in Software Long Description

1. ODBC QueryTool 1.0.4 Open ODBC Querytool. Query tool that ... on a 3.5x ODBC database driver. Totally RDBMS independent as ODBC should be. Knows about every ODBC option, function and comes ... DetailsDownload 

2. Visual Importer ... export, transform or load database data, Visual Importer ETL ... * Multiple MS Access Databases + Multiple Tables * ... Sql Server * Oracle Database * MySql* PostgreSql * Interbase/Firebird * Any ODBC Database Visual... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: Load Data Into The Database , dts , Ssis , etl , oracle , ms sql server , Bcp , Sql Loader , odbc , Datawarehouse , oracle Warehouse Builder

3. Informatik Archiver 2.70.3735 ... user-customizable Microsoft Access database engine (or an ODBC database) and support for multipage ... Powerful MS Access and ODBC databases TE Up to 30 ... TE Email interface TE Database creation tool TE TIFF ... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: document archiver , multipage pdf , multipage tiff , Archiver , archive , Tiff2pdf

4. SqlLinkCE 1.1 ... SQL Server and any ODBC database from your Pocket PC ... to connect to the database (Preferably NT, 2000 or ... Connects to any SQL database for which you have ADO or ODBC drivers. - Implemented on the ... DetailsDownload 

5. MPMileage 2.1 ... routes listed in a database (Access, Excel, or ODBC). Uses Microsoft MapPoint for ... latest MapPoint 2011. The database can be any version ... onwards. Access or an ODBC database is recommended for speed. ODBC support includes runtime login... DetailsDownload  - Screenshot

Tags: mileage Calculator , calculate route distance , calculate travel time

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